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Monobutyltin Oxide,MBTO,mono butyltin oxide

  • Product:Monobutyltin Oxide,MBTO,mono butyltin oxide
  • CAS No.:2273-43-0

Monobutyltin Oxide ( MBTO / CAS: 2273-43-0)

CAS No.:2273-43-0



Butylenestannonic acid;


Butyltin(IV) hydroxide oxide;

Butylstannoic acid;

n-Butylstannoic acid;

n-Butyltin hydroxide oxide;

n-Butyltin sesquioxide;




EINECS No.:218-880-1

Purity: 56%min Sn

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Application:Chemical Catalyst;Esterification catalyst

Brand Name:FandaChem

Molecular Weight:208.81

Specific Gravity (@25℃):1.46 g/cm3

Melting Point:Decomposes without melting

Boiling point:350 °C

Solubility:Insoluble in water and most organics. Dissolves in strong alkaline and mineral acid solutions.


Chemical Specifications:

Purity: 55%-57% Sn


Appearance: White powder

Moisture: 1% Max.

Chloride: 1% Max.


Product Features:

FD4100 catalyst is a solid, hydrolytically stable catalyst that is active at low loadings.

It is used primarily to catalyze esterification and polycondensation reactions at temperature between 210 and 240°C. 

FD4100 catalyst begins to solubilize in carboxylic acid at 80°C during the reaction and becomes incorporated into the final product without affectingthe quality of the product. 

FD4100 catalyst can be used at temperatures up to 250°C. It is neutral and non-corrosive.

Monobutyltin Oxide is also known as butylhydroxostannane, butylstannonic acid and butylhydroxytin oxide.

It is mainly used as catalyst in the production of unsaturated polyester resins, saturated polyester resins and polyester polyols. It can also be a catalyst in the production of powder coating resins and polymeric plasticizers.

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