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Intermediate of Diafenthiuron (DIPPI, DIPPT)

  • Product:Intermediate of Diafenthiuron (DIPPI, DIPPT)
  • CAS No.:80058-93-1;135252-10-7
  • Use:Intermediate
  • Synonym:丁醚脲中间体;Diafenthiuron intermediate
Intermediate of Diafenthiuron:

4-phenoxy-2,6-diisopropyl phenyl isothiocyanate 96% (DIPPI)
CAS No.:80058-93-1

(2,6-Diisopropyl-4-Phenoxy)Phenylthiourea 96% (DIPPT)
CAS No.:135252-10-7
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