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Cocodiaminopropane acetate

  • Product:Cocodiaminopropane acetate
  • CAS No.:61791-64-8
  • Use:Cocodiaminopropane acetate, cas:61
     is used as a biocide,molluscide or bacteriacide and also corrosion inhibitor in oilfield and cooling water applications.
Other products we can supply:
N-Coco propylene diamine, CAS No.:61791-63-7
N-Oleyl-1,3-DiaminoPropane, Cas No.:7173-62-8
N-COCO-1,3-DIAMINOPROPANE ACETATE,  COCODIAMINE ACETATE, Cocodiaminopropane acetate, CAS No.:61791-64-8
N-Oleyl-1,3-Diamino Propane diacetate,oleyl diaminopropane acetate,oleyldiaminopropane acetate, CAS No.:7173-67-3
Same as ELOTANTTM EQ400 and STEPANTEX® SP-90, Ester Quaternary Ammonium Salt(Ester Quats), ,CAS No.:91995-81-2
Cocopropylenediamine,1.5 bis guanidinium acetate,CAS No.:85681-60-3
N-Tallow-1,3-diaminopropane,CAS No.:61791-55-7
N-(Hydrogenated tallow)-1,3-diamino propane, CAS:68603-64-5
Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)methyl(octadecyl)ammonium methyl sulphate, CAS No.:74160-02-4

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